Monday, April 11, 2011

Sprinting through the golden years

95-year-old Ida Keeling is still sprinting through life. According to ABC Newsin February 2011,  Ms. Ida set a world's record for fastest running nonagenarian at a Manhattan track meet, running 60 meters in 29.86 seconds.

Ms. Ida began running at age 67 year old. She was encouraged to start running by her daughter, Shelly, who besides being a lawyer and real estated was also a high school track coach. 

A pint-sized power house, Ms. Ida is 4'6" tall and weighs just 83 pounds. In the attached video you can literally hear the strength and clarity in her voice and thoughts, and see that strength manifested in her physical being. 

For more information on Ms. Ida see this article in the Huffington Post. 

What year will it be when you turn 95? For me it will 2059! And that's 19 years past the 2040 project!

Ms. Ida and her daughter Shelley Keeling


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